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Waiters for a wedding. Permanent waiters for a new coffee shop.
Part-time bartenders at a sports pub. Bartenders at a private birthday function.
Permanent cashiers at a doughnut shop. Cashiers at a night market.
Delivery drivers
Permanent pizza delivery drivers. Part-time delivery drivers for an ecommerce shop.
Weekend pet-sitters on a wine farm. Permanent dog walker in residential area.
Promoters at a food festival. Part-time promoters for a new craft beer.

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Once-off jobs

JOBJACK is a marketplace so you decide on the price. We circulate the job less a 15% commission.

Part-time/Permanent jobs

You have access to the personal brand pages of all the candidate applications. You only pay a release fee of R100 - R250 for the candidate that you are interested in.


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Not just your average bunch of motivated entrepreneurs. Our team strives to employ the world. We’re here to make JOBJACK the entry-level job platform of choice.
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Christiaan van den Berg
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Chief Financial Officer
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Chief Technology Officer
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Senior Software Developer
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Junior Software Developer
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Marketing Manager
Richard-James Dixon
Operations Manager
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Getter of Jacks
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Junior Software Developer
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Junior Software Developer